Госпиталь МЭШ — полнометражный фильм


550.00 руб

Audio CD (March 14, 1995)

Дата выпуска: 1970

Количество дисков: 1


1. Suicide Is Painless

2. Duke And Hawkeye Arrive At M.A.S.H.: A. Dedication Scroll/B. Jeep Ride To Camp…

3. The Operating Theater: A. Happy Days Are Here Again

4. Major Houlihan And Major Burns: A. Hi-Lili, Hi-Lo/B. Hail To The Chief/C. Sayonara…

5. Painless’ Suicide, Funeral And Resurrection: A. The Jig’s Up/B. Suicide Is Painless…

6. ‘Hot Lips’ Shows Her True Colors: A. Chattanooga Choo Choo

7. Moments The Remember: A. Happy Days Are Here Again

8. The Football Game: A. The Washington Post March/B. Kill ‘Em Galop

9. Going Home: A. Happy Days Are Here Again

10. M.A.S.H. Theme

11. Dedication Scroll/Jeep Ride

12. The Jig’s Up

13. To Japan

14. Japanese Children’s Hospital

15. Tent Scene

16. Kill ‘Em Galop

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